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Other Local Flying Sites

NOTE: These flying sites are not sanctioned by any club, so you're on your own for insurance and frequency control.

"85th and K" is at, you guessed it - 85th Street West and Avenue K. 85th Street is just a dirt road in this area, so when you get halfway between 80th and 90th you'll want to turn north onto 85th. The road will lead right to the runway, so watch out if others are flying! Park in the field just south of the runway. This runway has been used by ultralights, so watch for full-scale aircraft.

"110th and J" is another place, and I believe flyers have been using the actual road of Avenue J just west of 110th Street West as the runway.

"~65th St.West and Ave J". There is a paved road just passed an abandoned housing track that is about a quarter mile long and about 50 ft wide with a north/south direction. There is a large field west of it and a block wall to the east.  It is probably only good for calm days. Everyone that flies there fly electrics.

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