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Fun Fly Ideas
Submitted by: Bob Sumoski
Idea= Touch and Go Blackjack
Lay out grid on runway one thru ten, Jack Queen, King. Touch and go to collect "cards" for "Blackjack". Ties fly off until winner resolved. If you miss grid, no more cards.

Variation #2, actually pass out cards, if card is not available, must touch and go again.

Variation #3, use a blind grid for luck of the draw.

Submitted by: Perry Hudson
Idea= Road Race
Time starts
Start engine
Negotiate 8 road cones on the ground
Take off , fly two laps
One more time through the road cones the other direction
Time stops.

Low time person wins.

Submitted by: Richard Schwieren
Idea= Bomb Drop
The bomb target is a one foot diameter soap bucket and each bomb drop is timed from release until it breaks on the ground. The score is figured by the number of yards from the target minus the nunber of seconds it takes to drop. This method helps equalize the high altitude strategic bombers and the low level close air support fliers. No credit is allowed for a less than one second drop. Ballons are filled with a 60 ml hypodermic, and a short length of crepe paper streamer is tied on for visibility.

There is no limit on the number of drops allowed, and after exhausting flight batteries, the best three drops are summed for the score.

The lowest score wins.

Submitted by: Colin Towers
Idea= Take off and loop
The object is to take off, do some loops and land. The number of loops you do depends on a dice throw (2 dice). If a novice throws a low number and an expert throws a high number, the novice can easily win. A student pilot may have an instructor take off and land, but not make the loops. Students will always do only ONE loop.

We've tried this and it's been very successful.

Submitted by: Michael Laible
Idea= 3 rolls and a 3 loops
Time a take off, 3 rolls and 3 loops, and then landing. Best time wins. We tried it and had a blast. The maneuvers can be performed in any order. However, it is suggested the take-off is first and landing last.

Submitted by: Larry Wuertzer
Idea= Balloon Bust
Place helium filled balloons 10 foot apart in a line out from the pilot box. Each balloon is held to a weight with crepe paper streamers. Each balloon is worth points, the balloon closest is the lowest points with each balloon farther away worth more points. Scoring is like this, if the streamer is cut by the aircraft, award the points, if balloon is broken award double points. extra points if a balloon is broken after it cut loose. Allow 3 minutes for each pilot. Time starts when aircraft wheels clear the ground, clock stops if any part of the aircraft touches the ground.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea="Dead stick duration"
The engine must be capable of total shutdown using the throttle and throttle trim. Climb the plane for 45 seconds and then cause the engine to go 'dead stick'. - Duration timing will start at observed throttle and trim shut down at the transmitter. The ideal situation would be to have all pilots fly the same plane, such as the club trainer; this would indicate the level of piloting skill. If a pilot feels he has a plane that will beat the trainer, go for it! This fun fly requires no field set up and 'dead stick flying' is great practice for all pilots.

Submitted by: Jeff Sorg
idea=Duration Glide
Each aircraft takes off and has a set time (maybe 45 seconds) to climb to an altitude. The engine is then shut off (must be from the transmitter), and the glide time starts. Whoever has the longest glide time wins, but you could also have a box marked on the ground, and say award more time depending on what the plane does. Example: On landing wheels touch inside box, but plane rolls out - award 10 seconds. If plane rolls into box and stops, award 20 seconds. If plane's wheels touchdown inside box AND plane stops rolling inside box, add 30 seconds. So it's not just energy management during gliding, but also spot landing with no power.

Submitted by: Jeff Sorg
Idea=Donut Drop:
Make a small plywood base with a dowel sticking out that can rubber-band to just about any airplane. Make a donut out of something (wood?) that sets over the dowel. Pilots must take off and pass over the bombing target at any altitude, roll their planes so the donut falls off. Have a target marked on the runway with point divisions. Paint the donut a bright color and have fun!

Submitted by: Larry Wuertzer
Idea=The alarm clock pylon race.
This event consist of flying a pylon pattern and when the alarm clock rings, the first one past the finish line is the winner. This event is purely random and is for all levels (Of course you must finish, Hee, Hee).

Submitted by: Larry Wuertzer
Idea=Flight Drill
this event requires a pilot to perform a set of maneuvers in the shortest time from takeoff to touch down. such as ten inside loops. Takeoff, do 10 inside loops and touch down. The clock starts when the aircraft moves and ends when the wheels touch down. A variation of this would be to perform a maneuver as many time as possible in a set time, such as total number of inside loops in 15 seconds.

Submitted by: Larry Wuertzer
Idea= precision landing
Place crossed paper strips or chalk lines on the center runway. The object is to stop your aircraft exactly on the crossed lines. Points are awarded based on distance from the center. Once the plane stops the score is counted. Another variation of this event is to mark a line across the runway, the object is to have your wheels touch down exactly on the line with perhaps 50 points for doing so. for each 6 inches past that point lower the score by 5 points, deduct 10 points for each 6 inches short of the mark. Give each pilot 3 tries with a score based on the 3 pass total.

Submitted by: Mark Vajda
Idea= Paint Ball
have a paint ball tape to the bottom of the airplane that is strong enough to hold the paint ball during takeoff and flight but if you land to hard the paint ball will fall off also the landing is a spot landing. if you land in the spot and the paint ball is still on you get 50 points if you land in the spot but the ball falls off you get 30 points and if you miss the spot but the ball is on you get 15 points and if you miss the spot and the ball falls of you get 5 points this can be changed if you want to make the point value closer or harder.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea=Night fly -
for most of us, just flying at night with chemical lights is enough of a challenge without doing special maneuvers moon light night helps also, a spotlight following the plane helps. Small pencil lights (connected as landing lights) help in landings. Some have flown without lights and successfully performed a loop and landing. This really brings out 'those on the edge'.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea= Cross country -
Pilot and observer ride in the back of a pick-up. A preset time established by the driver and a trial flight team, is set over a 3+ mile course. During the contest, the driver stays under a max. speed and each contestant must land at each end of the course. The winner is the closest to the established time.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea=Ground Handling
Two balloons, one is ground mounted at 100 feet upwind, and the other 100 feet downwind. The pilot must circle the first balloon and taxi to the other balloon to circle it. This is repeated three times without the plane becoming airborne. Shortest time wins. (A.V.T.I. 1983)

Submitted by:Christo van der Bergh
Idea=Bomb Drop
I belong to the Kempton Park Barnstormers club which is situated near the Johannesburg International airport (Jan Smuts airport) in South Africa. For a funfly we had some months ago I constructed a bomb drop box out of a piece of square PVC gutter down pipe that could be rubber banded underneath almost any plane. The bottom door had a latch mechanism that would unlatch by pulling "G's". We had to drop small flour bombs onto a target by taking off and flying very smoothly (to prevent premature release = zero score) to the target area and then pulling up sharply to release the bomb. The sensitivity of the latch mechanism can be adjusted by adjusting the spring tension of the latch mechanism.

Submitted by: Jeff Sorg
Idea=Slow/Fast Pylon Race:
Set up a pylon at each end of the runway (a good several hundred feet apart). Pilots make a speed run in-between the pylons, flagmen at each pylon signal to the timekeeper when the plane passes a pylon. Then the pilot flies as slow as he can in-between the pylons. Subtract the slow time from the high time to get the difference in seconds. The pilot with the most seconds (points) wins, in other words the pilot who had the greatest difference between fast and slow flight.

Submitted by: Jeroen Volk
Idea= Limbo Flying
Take two 6 foot thin wooden laths and put them in the ground. The distance between the laths must be something like 15 to 20 feet. Then you fix a string or ribbon between the laths. The pilot has to stand on the same line as the laths, that makes it all even more complicated. All pilot have 5 chances to try to fly under the string. The person who can do 3 fly-unders in the shortest time is the winner. When you need five chances, that time is the one that counts.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea=Instrument Flying
Pilots are given an established time to takeoff and climb to altitude, but then turn to face away from the aircraft while an assistant describes the flight to the pilot The pilot has a slave transmitter (buddy Box). The pilot who flies the longest without having the co-pilot take over to recover wins.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Pilots are timed as they save an out of control aircraft. The pilot has a slave transmitter that has been configured to unknown trim extremes and covered with a cloth. The pilot of the Master transmitter takes the plane to a save altitude, When the pilot is ready, the plane is put in a spin or tumbled. At the command "SAVE-IT!!" the control is switched from the master to the slave. The pilot reaches under the cloth and recovers and trims the plane into a hands off level flight in the least time.

Submitted by: Don Crocker
Idea=Streamer Chop:
An Aircraft fitted with a coiled streamer climbs to height & releases the streamer by servo,which is now still attached to the rear under of the aircraft.The other club members then proceeds to chase the tow plane to chop the streamer with the propellers of their models. Our club uses this event each year at our annual Battle Of Britain Display. It really gets the crowds going & is great fun to take part in.

Submitted by: Bob 'Hot Wheels' Sumoski
Idea=An alternative to " Save IT"
- A four channel plane with capability to fly rudder and elevator only! Secrecy is a must!!! The 'Master Pilot' takes the plane to a safe altitude, tumbles or spins the plane and yells "Save it" to the 'slave pilot'. (now the secret! The ailerons are disconnected in neutral position).If the 'Master Pilot must take control, the slave pilot has crashed!

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea='Drag Strip Race' - By Randy Coupland:
The wings are removed from the planes (no dollys to replace low wings). Balloons are anchored 200 feet apart. Planes start in the middle - taxi to one balloon, go around it - 180 degree turn - taxi to the other balloon, go around it - 180 degree turn - time stops as the finish line is crossed. If the engine dies, the contestant has an automatic 350 second total time.

Submitted by: Ralph Marshall
Idea='Blind Ground Handling' - by Bob Sumosky -
The plane is set at the edge of the runway with the engine running and the contestant on a buddy box. The buddy box pilot faces away from the plane and takes instruction from the 'master pilot'. The plane must taxi down the runway to a balloon about 100 feet, and return. This is a timed event that needs the protection of a master transmitter; bonus points for breaking the balloon!

Submitted by:Jim Dornberger
Idea='Modified Egg Drop'-
This event was done way back when some time ago and I can't seem to arouse much interest in it. I would like to at least see it done one more time. It is a team event. Requires two per team. It is called THE EGG DROP. Instead of dropping a nice soft birdy an egg is dropped. The second member of the team catches the little egg in a pail. They who catch the projectile closest to a designated point win. Close dosen't work very well. Safety goggles should be worn of course. No other protective gear allowed.

Submitted by:Dave Elsey
Idea='Beer Pull...'-
A non flying leisure event where we tie a toboggan (what is that you ask) to our respective plane and put a empty box of beer on it. your plane has to drag it a given distance in < 1 min. Each time you succeed, you add more bottles to increase the weight. The most bottles WINS. You would be surprised at the enginuity envolved! This may be considered a post flying event !!!!

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